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Wheat Field


The Kremenik-Anderson clan is a blended family that consists of Mike & Julie, 4 kids, 4 dogs, 4 horses, 2 cats, and a donkey. Although some of our family members have paws and hooves, they are loving members of our family. The Kremenik-Anderson's live on an acreage a few minutes outside of Coalhurst, Alberta.

The Kremenik-Anderson's

Mike began sharing his passion and adoration for animals with the world in 2000 when he began professionaly producing high quality, reliable, wel tempered, hunting companions; Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Dedicated to his passion and adoration for animal care, he became a professional Dog Breeder in 2000.
After sharing his love for this outstanding breed, Mike was able to rope in his partner, Julie, to begin building a stronger foundation to their breeding efforts. Julie has dedicated her time, effort, and love into helping Mike raise and train their dogs. Aside from providing high quality hunting and family comapnions, Mike and his family have been providing their exceptional pet services to clients across Southern Alberta and beyond and are always eager to create new connections and opportunities with everyone they meet.

Wheat Field
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