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Wheat Field


Griffon Doodles

Combining the grace of the poodle and dexterity of the Griffon for a perfect versatile companion 

Mike began professionally sharing his passion for dogs in 2000 by beginning to breed and develop superb hunting and family companions. Mike and Julie now work as a team, with their children to continue their mission of creating the perfect versatile companion for families and first time pet owners.

After years of observation, research, and consideration Mike and Julie realized the amazing potential a cross between the well-rounded Wire Haired Pointing Griffon and the intelligent Standard Poodle would offer. Wire Haired Pointing Griffon's feature a rough coat that offers minimal shedding that also does not require regular grooming or maintenance. The standard poodle coat is does require regular maintenance due to its ongoing growth and length. The combination of these two coats ensures our future pet owners will not deal with excess shedding. The personality combination of these two breeds is also an ideal pairing. Traditionally both Griffons and Poodles have been used for hunting. The versatility, athleticism, and desire to please are characteristics these breeds share. The Griffon also offers dexterity, patience, and friendly disposition. The Poodle in turn offers superior intelligence, loyalty, and are overall a pleasure to train. These two breeds as a pair offer a fantastic future companion for families, first time pet owners, and hunters. We are excited and eager to watch this breed develop over generations to come. 

All interested parties must complete an application prior to discussing or purchasing one of our puppies. We invest an immense amount of love, work, time, finances, and research into our dogs and therefore want to ensure that they go home to the best possible candidates. Once an application has been approved we discuss with the future owners what their ideal dog looks like for them and their lifestyle. Owners then pick their top 3 puppies they are interested in. We then match puppies based on their personalities to the best applicant family or individual. Priority is given to applicants based on the order that deposits are received in. First Deposit = First Priority in selection. Our puppies are priced at $1,500.00 CAD.  The option to be a Guardian Home is available which does offer a lower price of puppy. Please contact us for further information if you are interested or have questions about what a Guardian Home is.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


19  /  Dec  /  2023

Aloy and Oakley have successfully been bred!

20  /  Nov  /  2021

Covid has had her puppies! We are pleased to welcome 11 little fur balls to the world!

20  /  Nov  /  2021

Covid has begun lactating and is huge! We are expecting the arrival of her puppies any day now.
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